Thomann Planetary Tuning Fork Mars

Thomann Planetary Tuning Fork Mars, gold plated - suitable for allergy sufferers, extra long handle for better feel and control, Description: Duration of one orbital period around the sun; Position to sun: 4th planet, Orbital period in years: 1.88, Orbital period in days: 686.9798; Orbital period in seconds: 59355055; Frequency calculation: 1/59355055 sec. = 1.68478x10-8 Hz, (1.68478x10-8 Hz x 2) 232 = 144.72 Hz; Frequency: 144.72 Hz (= 33. Octave); Tone: D3; Shifted 440 Hz standard-pitch: A4/a' = 433.67 Hz; Made in Germany

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